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Marianna monitoring Port River Dolphin Talulla

Photo courtesy of Barry Hurrell

Since 1995 I have been involved with helping monitor sick, injured or entangled dolphins and helping with some of their rescues.

I spend the majority of my spare time observing and monitoring the Port River and Patawalonga Dolphins. I regularly observed Billie Tail Walking and observed her passing this behaviour on to her friend, Wave and some of the other dolphins that live in the area. I enjoy watching many of the other behaviours including bow ridingfishing and the incredible jumps that they do. 

I hope you enjoy viewing the photos and videos I have captured over the years.

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Port River Dolphin Identification Catalogue

Meet Port River dolphins and learn how to recognise them

Dr Mike Bossley has been monitoring and identifying the Port River Dolphins since the 1980’s. Over the years he has identified and recorded more than 400 different dolphins that either reside in or have visited the area.

Discover video footage of dolphins and marine wildlife

Get a closer look at the behavior of these intelligent creatures with our licensed dolphin videos available for purchase. Explore and learn from their fascinating movements in their natural habitat.

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