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Identification Catalogue of Port River Dolphins

We have not included all the dolphins in here. This catalogue includes the ID's of the resident dolphins that live in the Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary (ADS) as well as some of the other dolphins that are regular visitors. Dolphins without any identifiable markings and that do not have a distinctly shaped fin are also not included. 

This catalogue has been compiled by Mike Bossley, Aude Steiner, Marianna Boorman and Sharon Sharp. We will keep it updated as fins change over time.


You are welcome to provide photographs to help us in this task. 

Dr Mike Bossley has been monitoring and identifying the Port River Dolphins since the 1980's.


Over the years he has identified and recorded more than 400 different dolphins that either reside in or have visited the area. 

 Learning about dolphins

Since 1995 I have been involved with helping monitor sick, injured or entangled dolphins and helping with some of their rescues. I have spent countless hours monitoring and observing them and believe there is so much to learn and discover about these amazing animals. 

Learn dolphins anatomy

Learn how to identify dolphins

Learn how dolphins communicate

Meet Port River's legend - dolphin Billie

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