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DO NOT approach within 50m of a dolphin

If you are in a boat, kayak or other watercraft please do not chase and approach the dolphins. In South Australia it is illegal to approach within 50m of a dolphin and 150m of a mother and her calf or a dolphin that is sick or injured. It is important the dolphins have the opportunity to rest and feed.

DO NOT feed or harass the dolphins

Please never feed the dolphins. Feeding wild dolphins is incredibly harmful for them. It alters their behaviour and causes them to hang around boats and areas where people are fishing. This increases the likelihood of them being hit by a boat, caught in fishing line or deliberately harmed. It is illegal to feed wild dolphins.

Dispose unwanted line and rubbish properly

If you are fishing please reel in your lines if dolphins are nearby and dispose of all unwanted line and rubbish properly. Fishing line and other discarded rubbish can kill or cause serious injury to dolphins and other wildlife.

About the Port River dolphins

We are very fortunate to have a pod of wild bottlenose dolphins that have decided to call the Port River in Adelaide South Australia their home. 

Living so close to people has enabled us the opportunity to get to know the dolphins very well but unfortunately living close to people also increases the risks the dolphins face from human activity. 

Port River Dolphins

Keep in mind when seeing dolphins

There are many simple ways you can help protect the Dolphins and their habitat.

Please call the Marine Mammal Emergency number (0427 556 676) if you see:

  • people feeding or harassing dolphins 

  • a sick, injured or deceased dolphin

Learn about Patawalonga Dolphins

How and when to help dolphins

Port River Dolphin Identification Catalogue

Meet Port River dolphins and learn how to recognise them

Dr Mike Bossley has been monitoring and identifying the Port River Dolphins since the 1980’s. Over the years he has identified and recorded more than 400 different dolphins that either reside in or have visited the area.

The Port River is one of the few places in the world with a pod of dolphins living so close to a major city

Port River Dolphins, Marianna and Bubbles

Well known Port River Dolphin, Billie Tail Walking

There are many areas from land where we are able to observe our local dolphins.

This has enabled us the opportunity to observe and monitor many of their different behaviours including, bow riding, fishing, resting, playing and tail walking. 

View Marianna's photo gallery of the Port River dolphins

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