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Video library

Videos giv me the opportunity to share with you a unique glimpse into the daily lives and behaviour of our wild local dolphins.

We are very fortunate to have areas both around the Port River and the Patawalonga where we can observe these beautiful animals from land.

Below is a variety of video footage I have captured over the years, demonstrating the dolphins' playful interactions, fishing techniques and their social dynamics.

 Learning about dolphins

Since 1995 I have been involved with helping monitor sick, injured or entangled dolphins and helping with some of their rescues. There is so much to learn and dicover about these amazing dolphins. 

Learn dolphins anatomy

Learn how to identify dolphins

Learn how dolphins communicate

Meet Port River's legend - dolphin Billie

Learn about dolphins behaviour from my photo library of our local dolphins

 By licensing my photos, you not only gain access to these  images, but also support my ongoing efforts to protect and conserve dolphins and their habitats.

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