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Wigley Reserve

picnic shelter

  • The Patawalonga Lake receives runoff from 230 square kilometres of mixed land use.

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Please help our wildlife

Do not feed

Dolphins, birds and other wildlife need their space. Approaching, touching and feeding wildlife can be very harmful to them.
• Please dispose of fishing line and rubbish properly.
• Do not throw fish scraps in the water.
• Reel in fishing lines if dolphins are close.

Dispose of rubbish properly

Fishing line and litter can be dangerous for dolphins, birds and other wildlife.
• Please use the bins or take rubbish with you.
• Do not feed dolphins and other wildlife.


June is the dolphin we see most frequently in the Pat.

He was born in June 2015 and was first sighted in the Port River alongside his mum, Lartelare. Dolphins in the Port River normally have their calves between December and March, so it was very exciting to see Lartelare with a new calf in the middle of the year.

June has learnt to navigate the sea gates and boat lock exceptionally well.

He is an incredibly energetic dolphin and will often be seen leaping out of the water near the south gates. He often leaps out backwards, displaying very similar behaviour to the tail walking observed from Billie and other Port River dolphins.

June also captures people’s attention when in the boat lock.

Educational resources

Activity: Colour Your Own bookmarks

Activity: Protect Our Dolphins bookmark

NPWSSA Respecting Marine Mammals safety sticker

NPWSSA Marine Mammal Strandings

Useful links

Feeding dolphins disrupts their natural feeding patterns

Boats pose risk of injury to dolphins

Pollution harms dolphins

Fishing line harms dolphins

Station 1

at the South Gates


Station 2

opposite the marina


Nearby Trail Stations

Picnic Shelters

Newhaven Ave

picnic shelter

Brooklyn Ave

picnic shelter

BMX Park

picnic shelter

Stanley St

picnic shelter

Keep in mind when watching dolphins

Please call the Marine Mammal Emergency number (0427 556 676)

if you see:

  • people feeding or harassing dolphins 

  • a sick, injured or deceased dolphin

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