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If you are out fishing please make sure to take your rubbish and line with you. If your line does snag on some rocks please do your best to retrieve as much of it at possible. 

Make sure all hooks and sinkers are also discarded appropriately. Please do not throw fish to dolphins, feeding dolphins entices them to hang around fishermen and in areas where people are fishing, increasing the risk of them being caught in fishing line.

If you are near the water and you see any rubbish please pick it up and place it in a bin. We can all do our part to help dolphins, birds and other marine life.

Dolphins are protected marine mammals. It is illegal to feed, harass or harm dolphins. Fines up to $100,000 apply.

One poor dolphin, Twinkle had fishing line caught around his tail fluke four times. Luckily rescues were organised and we were able to free Twinkle.

Unfortunately there is a lot of rubbish and fishing line that is discarded or lost. It is very difficult for the dolphins to see fishing line and over the years we have had dolphins that have been caught in line, ropes and hooks.

Sadly some of our other beautiful dolphins, Falcon and Star passed away due to fishing line entanglements. Falcon had fishing line wrapped around his rostrum prohibiting him from being able to eat. Star had multiple lines and hooks protruding from her mouth. She also had a squid lure and hooks in her stomach. She suffered like this for several weeks before she passed away.

Unfortunately many Pelicans and other sea birds also have the same fate. This is something that can and should be prevented.

Star entangled in a fishing line


Fishing line harms dolphins

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