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Dolphins are protected marine mammals. It is illegal to feed, harass or harm dolphins. Fines up to $100,000 apply.

The Port River is South Australia’s major Port. It is therefore a very busy port which has thousands of vessel movements annually.

If you are in a motorised vessel, keep a straight line and a safe speed, do not swerve or circle. Often the dolphins will hear a boat coming and will dive to try to get out of the way; if a boat swerves or circles back there is an increased risk of the boat hitting the dolphin as it re-surfaces.

The water is the dolphin’s home, it is where they eat, sleep, travel and play. It is really important that watercrafts  (Boast, Kayaks, jet skis) do not approach the dolphins. If the dolphins are travelling in the same direction or in a playful mood they will often come over to the boats and will often enjoy riding in the bow waves the boats create.

If they do not swim to the bow of the boat and you wish to observe the dolphins please stop the boat and observe from a safe end enjoyable distance for both you and the dolphins.

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