How to help

There are many simple ways you can help the Port River Dolphins.

1. Ensure the drain is just for rain. Stormwater (from our streets) goes straight to the sea. Prevent rubbish and chemicals from washing into the drains.

2. Try and avoid using plastic bags. Plastic bags take years to break down and sadly often end up in our waterways.

3. If out on the water do not feed or apporach the dolphins. Stay at least 50m away from adult dolphins and 150m away from a mother and calf. If they are in a play ful mood they will often come over to you but please do not harass or circle them. Observe the speed limits.

4. If fishing please dispose of all fishing line and rubbish resposibly.

5. If you seen a sick injured or dead dolphin please report it.

Like to become more involved? …. We would love you to and I’m sure the dolphins would as well.

Join the Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary Action Group. The ADS Action Group is a group of proactive volunteers. To be part of this group and to help our amazing Port River Dolphins please contact us at: