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Bottlenose Dolphin adopts a Common Dolphin (New Zealand)

Bottlenose Dolphin adopts a Common Dolphin (New Zealand)

Brilliant story about a Bottlenose Dolphin in NZ adopting a juvenile Common Dolphin. Hopefully Kiwi and Pee-Wee will stay together and Pee- Wee will grow up and live a long and happy life.

Dolphin Diary – August 2014

Dolphin Diary - August 2014

Hi Everyone, July has been a great month for dolphin watching, particularly within the inner Port River. Wave is continuing her tail walking antics and has regularly been seen tail walking. Bianca and her calf Doc have also been very active with numerous leaps out of the water. People often think that dolphins are happy…

Dolphin Diary – July 2014

Dolphin Diary - July 2014

Hi Everyone, As reported in last month’s Dolphin Diary on Friday 30th May 2014 we noticed a large amount of fuel flowing through the area where Unhap regularly fishes. Unfortunately only a week and a half after this incident on Wednesday 11th June and Thursday the 12th June we again observed fuel flowing along the…

Dolphin Diary – June 2014

Dolphin Diary - June 2014

Hi Everyone, Unfortunately we have had a very disappointing end to the month with resident dolphin Unhap spending nearly an hour swimming through fuel. Fellow dolphin volunteer Sharon Sharp and I reported the incident to the ADS Rangers, EPA (Environment Protection Authority) and DPTI (Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure) as soon as we observed…

North Haven Primary School – 22nd May 2014

North Haven Primary School - 22nd May 2014

Another great day with the Dolphin Ranger Students at North Haven School.  There were lots of great questions and comments about the Port River Dolphins from the students. The students have Adopted “Wave” through the Whale and Dolphin Conservation. We therefore discussed Wave’s history and some of the problems she has faced. The students also…

Dolphin Diary – May 2014

Dolphin Diary - May 2014

Hi Everyone, I hope you all had a great Easter. We had a great start to April. Some of the ADS Volunteers and their friends spent a day on board the Kangaroo Island Marine Adventure motor boat. This was a great opportunity for us to see some of our Port River Dolphins cousins, the Common…

Dolphin Diary – April 2014

Dolphin Diary - April 2014

Hi Everyone, It has been another great month. We have some very exciting news including the opportunity to NAME A BABY DOLPHIN! Scarlett, one of our much loved female dolphins has a new calf! To celebrate the launch of the Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC) Adopt A Dolphin Program the WDC are giving anyone who…

Dolphin Diary – March 2014

Dolphin Diary - March 2014

  DOLPHIN DIARY MARCH 2014   Hi Everyone, It has been another super fun month. There has been a lot of activity by all the volunteers and the dolphins. Bubbles, Marianna, Lunar, Mouse, Star and Bronny have been very active. There has been plenty of jumps, spy hops and tail slaps as the boys chase…