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Dolphin Diary – May 2012

Hi Everyone,

The dolphins are certainly starting to get active again. There often seems to be a few more dolphins in the river and they appear to be a lot more playful as winter approaches.

I have seen lots of dolphins over the last month including Wave, Ripple, Tallula, Marianna, Bronny, Hook, Ryan, Bianca, Hope, Mouse, Zoom, Crystal as well as seeing Sparkle and Oriana with their beautiful calves Gem and Kalea.

Wave is tail walking again regularly and I have had a ball racing along the wharf trying to keep up with her. Oriana has also been quite active and has done a couple of lovely big leaps.

In the photos of Oriana leaping, you will see that her belly is quite pink. Both the male and female bottlenose dolphins’ tummies sometimes change from white to a pinkish colour at times. I have heard a couple of theories as to why this happens. One theory is that it is when they are mating, and another theory is that it is when the water and air temperature becomes warmer. Oriana was only with her 3-month-old calf and Wave (an adult female dolphin) at the time these photos were taken therefore it is unlikely that her belly was pink due to mating. It was also cold and had been raining just before these photos were taken so the air temperature was quite cool. I would love to hear if anyone has any other suggestions or thoughts or if anyone knows why it is bottlenose dolphins’ bellies turn pink at times?

Have a wonderful month. Look out for the next dolphin update on Friday 1st June.

Best Wishes



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