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Dolphin Diary – June 2012

Hi Everyone,

I hope you have all had a lovely month.

I have seen quite a few dolphins lately including Wave, Ripple, Tallula, Marianna, Bronny, Bianca, Hope, Mouse, Zoom, Crystal as well as seeing Sparkle with her active little calf Gem and Oriana with her beautiful little calf Kalea.

Unfortunately little Kalea is still looking unwell and has been spending a lot of time on the surface of the water. It is really important that boats, Jet skis and kayakers keep their distance. It is not easy to see a baby dolphin resting on the surface of the water, if you are out on a boat or Jet Ski please obey the speed limits, keep an eye out and do not approach the dolphins. This is a very stressful time for both Oriana and Kalea and it is important that we let them be and do not cause them any added stress.

On another note; Sparkle’s calf Gem appears to be healthy and is doing very well. Gem has been attempting a few jumps and is incredibly cute to watch. Tiffany and Bubbles appear to have been having a great time bow riding in front of the Tugs and Marianna has been having a ball chasing after garfish.

Have a wonderful month. Look out for the next dolphin update on Friday 6th July.

Best Wishes



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