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Dolphin Diary – July 2012

Hi Everyone,


hope you have all had a lovely month.

I have seen loads of dolphins around the place this month. It has been fantastic; I have seen Wave, Bronny, Ripple, Tallula, Marianna, Bianca, Hope, Mouse, Zoom, Crystal, Tiffany, Bubbles, Sparkle, Gem, Oriana, Kalea, Unhap, Captain Hook, Ryan, Rob Roy, Ali, Ollie and Lartelare.

It was great to see Lartelare in the Port this month; I have not seen her for a while. Barbara Saberton one of the other dolphin watches had seen her regularly out in the open waters near Glenelg but it has been a while since we have seen her in the Port River.

Kalea is still spending a lot of time on the surface, but he appears to be doing alright. I was really pleased to even see him chase after a little garfish at one stage.

It has been fun watching many of the dolphins chase after garfish over the last few weeks. Wave, Ripple, Tallula, Marianna and Unhap have been swimming around on their backs, twisting and turning as they race after the fish. The fish will often jump out of the water into the air to escape the dolphin’s jaws; this is when the cheeky Seagulls and Turns will often swoop in and steel the fish from the dolphin waiting below.

A great way to find dolphins is to look for a flock of birds circling above and diving down into the water. This often means that there is a school of fish there and if there is a school of fish there is a good chance there will be some dolphins nearby also having a feed.

Have a wonderful month. Look out for the next dolphin update on Friday 3rd August.

Best Wishes



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