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Dolphin Diary – February 2012

Hi Everyone,



We finally have a new little bundle of Joy. Oriana (Takanna) has had the 1st calf of the season. The calf has been named “Kalea”; chosen through a competition run by the Maritime Museum. Kalea has a few cuts and scratches but seems to be doing well.

Kalea is Oriana’s first calf. Unfortunately many first born calves do not survive in the port river due to the build-up of pollution in the mother’s milk. Boat traffic is also a major threat to our dolphins. The calves are particularly threatened by boat traffic because they spend a lot more time on the surface and are not nearly as good swimmers as the older dolphins.

Oriana appears to be a great mum and has been by Kalea’s side. It is so cute to watch the new calves, it takes them a while to learn to swim properly and often when they surface to take a breath they will lift their whole head out of the water. Hopefully Kalea will survive and will go on to live a long and happy life.


Also, this month I have been really excited to see one of our young dolphins Ali. Ali is an INCREDIBLE survivor. She will turn one this month and sadly lost her beautiful mum, Millie when she was only 8 months old. At such a young age it is unlikely that a calf would be able to survive without its mum. Calves usually stay with their mums for at least 3 years.

Not long after Millie died I saw Ali a few times with another female dolphin, Mouse and initially thought she may have adopted her. Towards the end of last year I saw Mouse and no sign of Ali which was concerning. I tried to remain positive and didn’t give up hope. Earlier this month I was so excited to see her in the Inner Port and over the last few weeks have seen her a few times swimming with a couple of the male dolphins.

Incredibly Ali looks very healthy and is doing well. She appears to be catching her own fish and surviving without any milk. This is an amazing story of survival – What a little Aussie battler she is.

Other dolphins I have seen this month have been Wave, Tallula, Bronny, Ripple, Bianca, Hope, Marianna, Star, Georgie, Ollie, Rob Roy, and Twinkle.

Have a great month. Look out for the next update on Friday 2nd March.

Best Wishes



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