Dr Mike Bossley

I first met Mike when I was 14 years old. I am so incredibly grateful to Mike; he has taught me so much about the Port River Dolphins, their history, their behaviours and their habitat.

Mike is the Whale and dolphin Conservation Regional Science and Education Manager. He has been studying the Port River Dolphins for more than 25 years. The non-invasive field research that Mike has conducted over the years has taught us so much about the way dolphins use their habitat, their social structures and the threats they face.


The first Port River Dolphin that Mike knew well and identified was the famous Dolphin Billie.  Mike started visiting Port Adelaide to watch Billie swim with the race horses’ back in 1987 and since then has spent the last 25 years watching over and looking after the Port River Pod.

Over the years Mike has been involved with helping during strandings, helping sick, injured or entangled dolphins and facilitating their rescues.

Through his researchhe has monitored and named about 30 to 40 resident dolphins that live in the Port River and has now identified more than 400 dolphins that have visited the area.

Mike has known many of the resident dolphins that live in the Port River since they were young and has followed them over the years, watching them grow up, form friendship groups and start their own families. He continues to research and monitor the Port River Dolphins and continues to strive to protect Whales and Dolphins from the threats they face.