Dolphin Diary – September 2016

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Lartelare and June in the Pat.

Lartelare and June in the Pat.



Hi Everyone,

It was great to see Lartelare and June back in the Patawalonga at the beginning of the month. June was particular playful and kept popping her head up next to her mum.




Every day is different at the Port, some days the dolphins can be difficult to locate. We often travel from the inner port to Garden Island, to Outer harbor looking for them. It is always very exciting when we do find them and particularly when we find a very social group. On the 6th September I was fortunate to have a great afternoon with Port River Dolphins Mouse, Hunter, Crystal, Marianna, Bubbles and Hope. It was beautiful watching them play and interact with each other as they swam back and forth under the Jervois bridge. There is a link to some video I took at the end of the diary entry.

P1130573_Crystal and TallulaP1130447_edited

P1130491_Tallula, Crystal and Bubbles

Tallula throwing a fish

Tallula throwing a fish

We are so fortunate to have so many areas from the land where we can watch the dolphins in their natural environment performing their normal behaviours.

One of my favourite behaviours to watch is the dolphins fishing. It was great to see Hunter chasing after Garfish again. He continues to manage very well despite his jaw deformity. It was also great to see Tallula chasing after a fish and then throwing it into the air. We often see dolphins playing with their catch.

Hunter chasing a garfish

Hunter chasing a garfish


Crystal and Hope

Crystal and Hope

Some of the other Dolphins we have seen over the last month include Rob Roy, Ryan, New Moon, Lunar, Ollie, Dinah, Josh, Morgan, Bella, Crystal, Tallula, Hope, Bianca, Doc, Marianna, Mouse, Hunter, Bubbles, Namor, Star and Twinkle

Below are links to a slideshow of photos and some footage taken on the 6th September.

Slide Show

Video – 6th September (Mouse, Hunter, Crystal, Marianna, Bubbles and Hope)

The Next Dolphin Diary will be at the beginning of November.

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This article was written by Marianna