Aidan’s new Calf Splash

Aidan's new Calf Splash

Introducing Aidan’s calf Splash. Thank you very much to all the wonderful name suggestions from the WDC Port River Dolphin Adopters. The name “Splash” was suggested by one of our young adopters from North Haven Primary School. The “Junior Dolphin Rangers” at North Haven Primary School also donated money a few years ago to help…

Dolphin Diary – February, March, April and May

Dolphin Diary - February, March, April and May

DOLPHIN DIARY FEBRUARY, MARCH, APRIL & MAY 2017   Hi Everyone,   Life has been a little hectic over the last few months so I have combined the Dolphin Diaries for February, March, April and May. I should hopefully be back to monthly again next month.   February and March were filled with excitement with…

Dolphin Diary – January 2017

Dolphin Diary - January 2017

DOLPHIN DIARY JANUARY 2017   Hi Everyone,   I hope you have all had a great start to 2017.   January was a busy month in the Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary (ADS).   On the 2nd of January Volunteer Sharon Sharp noticed one of the smooth fins had some extensive lesions mainly on its right flank….

Dolphin Diary – November 2016

Dolphin Diary - November 2016

    DOLPHIN DIARY NOVEMBER 2016   Hi Everyone,   Bella We had some great news during November. It appears that Bella is finally free from his entanglement. Volunteers Lyn Townsend and Jenni Wyrsta saw Bella at Garden Island on November 20th. They captured some great photos of his tail which do not show the…

Dolphin Diary – October 2016

Dolphin Diary - October 2016

DOLPHIN DIARY OCTOBER 2016 Hi Everyone, We were very excited to see Sparkle with a new calf on the 26th October. WDC Volunteer Sharon Sharp sighted Sparkle with her new calf swimming near the Torrens Island Bridge. Sparkle is one of the Port River Dolphin matriarchs, she is a wonderful Mother and Grandmother. The new…

Dolphin Diary – September 2016

Dolphin Diary - September 2016

DOLPHIN DIARY SEPTEMBER 2016   Hi Everyone, It was great to see Lartelare and June back in the Patawalonga at the beginning of the month. June was particular playful and kept popping her head up next to her mum.       Every day is different at the Port, some days the dolphins can be…

Dolphin Diary – August 2016

Dolphin Diary - August 2016

DOLPHIN DIARY AUGUST 2016   Hi Everyone,   August has been another great month.   The most exciting news is that Mike Bossley recently sighted a mum with a brand new calf. He spotted the pair out near black pole while conducting a survey on the 24th August. The mother is another smooth fin and…

Dolphin Diary – July 2016

Dolphin Diary - July 2016

DOLPHIN DIARY JULY 2016   Hi Everyone,   As far as I know, no Humpback whales ventured into the Port River this year in July however it was still a very busy month. There was a lot of activity. We have observed the dolphins playing with Jelly fish, fishing with the birds and there has been…

Dolphin Diary – June 2016

Dolphin Diary - June 2016

DOLPHIN DIARY JUNE 2016 Hi Everyone, Pollution The month of June began with some concerning news regarding pollution in the Port River. Ripple’s first calf, Marea was born at the beginning of February last year. Sadly Marea passed away at only a week old. The body was collected and toxicology testing was done. The EPA…

Dolphin Diary – May 2016

Dolphin Diary - May 2016

DOLPHIN DIARY MAY 2016 Hi Everyone,   ACCOLADE II RETURNS Accolade II is one of the Port River Dolphins favourite ships to bow ride. It regularly travels across St Vincent’s gulf to Kleins Point on the Yorke Peninsula to collect limestone to bring back to Adelaide Brighton to make cement. It therefore travels in and…