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Dolphin Diary – February 2014

Dolphin Diary - February 2014

  Hi Everyone, January has been a great month with two new dolphins joining the Sanctuary. The first is Splash, the Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary Action Group Mascot. Splash was named by students at North Haven Primary School. The students donated money to the Action Group to enable us to purchase the mascot. Splash will help…



Introducing the newest volunteer to join the Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary Action Group, Splash. Splash was purchased with money donated by the Dolphin Ranger Students at North Haven School. The students suggested six great names for the ADS Action Group Volunteers to choose from. These included: Twilight Ranger Splash Squirt Captain Hook Billie We loved all…

Dolphin Diary – January 2014

Dolphin Diary - January 2014

Hi Everyone, Zoom was observed at the beginning of December with a large lesion on his right flank (side).  Dr Mike Bossley and other marine mammal experts from around the world have examined photos of Zoom and believe that it is a skin burn and theorise that it may have been caused from being stranded…

Dolphin Diary – December 2013

Dolphin Diary - December 2013

Hi Everyone,   What a great month it has been.   All our dolphins  have been very active. We have seen most of the behaviours regularly observed from our flippered friends.   One of the most enjoyable behaviours to observe is watching the dolphins playing and leaping out of the water. Mouse, Crystal and Ripple…

Young Dolphin Shot in the Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary

Shot Gun pellet found in young dolphin as Conservationists call for more rangers.

Dolphin Diary – September 2013

Dolphin Diary - September 2013

Hi Everyone, This months Dolphin Diary is dedicated to Captain Hook. Sadly it has now been over a month since Hooky was last seen. Captain Hook was one of our oldest resident dolphins. Unfortunately he has been in the news lately for all the wrong reasons.  People were feeding him which changed his behaviour and led…

Dolphin Diary – August 2013

Dolphin Diary - August 2013

Dolphin Diary August 2013   Hi Everyone,  The Port River  Dolphins face many threats from humans. As you may have already read in the news, Captain Hook one of our oldest resident dolphins was reported last week with a lure stuck in his mouth. Thankfully he was seen on the weekend and the lure was…

Unhap and Crystal – Fishing

Unhap and Crystal - Fishing

Crystal accompanied Unhap during his fishing routine again tonight.

Captain Hook

Captain Hook

Reports that Captain Hook has a Lure lodged in his rostrum. ADS Rangers and Mike Bossley had a really good look for him today but were not able to locate him. I spoke to a couple of differnt fishermen that have seen him and thankfully it does not sound like there is any line attached. Thankfully there…

Dolphin Diary – July 2013

Dolphin Diary - July 2013

Dolphin Diary July 2013   Hi Everyone, It has been another great month. The Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary Action Group and Whale and Dolphin Conservation Volunteers continue to do a fantastic job working on many different projects.  I was very fortunate to have a wonderful holiday in Hawaii visiting the Spinner Dolphins.  Spinner dolphins are named…