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Dolphin Diary – January 2012

Dolphin Diary - January 2012

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope you have all had an enjoyable start to 2012. There have been plenty of dolphins around over the last few weeks. I have seen all the regulars including Wave, Ripple, Tallula, Bianca, Hope, Marianna, Unhap, Bronny, Ollie, Star, Tiffany, Bubbles and Georgie. Wave has been having an absolute ball bow…

Dolphin Diary – December 2011

Dolphin Diary - December 2011

Hi Everyone, I hope that you have all had a good month. The dolphins certainly appear to be enjoying themselves. Over the last month we have seen Wave, Ripple, Tallula, Marianna, Ollie, Bianca, Hope, Georgie, Ali, Takanna, Rob Roy, Tiffany, Bubbles, Unhap and Bronny. The dolphins have been having lots of fun bow riding lately….